András Aszódi

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University courses

I have developed a course on biological cybernetics which I used to teach at the Aquincum Institute of Technology. This course was offered to US computer science majors who spend a "study-abroad" semester at the AIT.

I also contribute lectures (in German) on systems biology to the "Computational Concepts in Biology II" Ringvorlesung at the University of Vienna. In addition, I held a lecture (in Hungarian or English) on the "Foundations of Enzyme Kinetics" at the ELTE University in Budapest once a year from 1998 to 2020.

Training courses

I offer a considerable portfolio of short training courses on programming languages, biostatistics and general scientific skills at the Vienna Biocenter.

These courses rely heavily on "hands-on" exercises whereby the participants can try out what they learned by executing commands interactively or by writing and running short scripts.

What teaching really is about...

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