András Aszódi

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Teaching and training

I have developed a university course on biocybernetics and systems biology. I give lectures on computational biology at the University of Vienna as well.

I also offer a considerable portfolio of short training courses on biostatistics and scientific programming at the Vienna Biocenter.


I hold an M.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and have extensive experience in computational biology and chemistry both in academic and industrial (pharmaceutical research) environments. I have modelled information processing in enzyme reaction networks, used distance geometry for protein structure prediction, built up computational biology and chemistry groups at Novartis, worked as a bioinformatician and a scientific software developer.

Curriculum vitae (PDF).

List of publications (PDF).


I develop scientific software mostly in C++ and Python. I am also proficient in C, R, SQL, can remember Java, Fortran-95 and Ruby.