Biocybernetics and Systems Biology Course

by András Aszódi


Familiarity with the mathematical and biochemical foundations of systems biology is of advantage. However, these are not strict prerequisites, as we will discuss all the necessary concepts in sufficient detail during classes.

Mathematical background

Chemistry and biology

High school-level knowledge is completely sufficient, we will build upon those basic concepts in class.

Computational tools

Python programming

The only strict requirement is that students must be able to write simple Python programs. A Python primer handout together with supporting scripts are available for download.


We will use CoCalc, an online collaborative mathematics environment formerly known as SageMathCloud to run simulations and to complete assignments. SAGE is a computer algebra system written in Python which is made available online via CoCalc. Please read the practical information on how we will use CoCalc during the course.

Wolfram Mathematica

Some of the more complex demonstrations are made available available in Wolfram's Computable Document Format (CDF). These CDFs can be run with the freely downloadable CDF player. Please note that most major browsers block Wolfram's CDF plugin for security reasons.